Dida Ritz

She got her start right here in Chicago. Being known as “The legs of Halstesd” & “Lip sync assassin” she’s a true stample to the chicago drag scene. DiDa Ritz has been in the drag game for over ten years. She can currently be seen everywhere in city of chicago from Y Bar, to the Ace Hotel, Sidetrack, Roscoes, Jackhammer, and Hamaburger Marys just to name a few. She believes if you stay busy you stay out of trouble. When she not traveling working or dragging it up. DiDa enjoys hanging with her close circle of friends, or watching lots of Hulu. She also appeared on Season 4 of RuPaulDragRace where she did very well & represented the city of Chicago with pride and love. She’s a true example of excellence and “Black Girl Magic” which also is a once a month show she’s apart of in Boystown that showcases diffrent types of black entertainment in the windy city. What can we say Chicago just simply loves DiDa.

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